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1 Online Shopping Soft $3-10K
2 Online Doctor Soft $1.5-3K

Websitedesigns24 Is The Best Website Design Company 2021

Are you looking for a website design company? You are now right place. Websitedesigns24 is the best outsourcing IT firm in Bangladesh, where every one can make job order within 3 minutues. This is very easy process for you, if you are looking for a web developer to develop your business or company website. Go to the job order page and make job order within 3 minutes. We are always waiting to be your IT solution partner to grow your business. We will serve you, your business website, business management software or business management apps. We also want to start social media marketing jobs for your business. Our PHP5 professional team members now are busy to design custom ecommerce online shopping cart software, online school management software, online doctor management software, online hotel booking software and inventory management software. Also our HTML5 professional team members are busy to design various types of responsive business template. They are salon template, gym template, hotel template, yoga template, spa template, school template, college template, pizza template, cake template, shirt template, skirt template, fashion template, food template, groceries template, lingerie template, admin dashboard template, makeup template, woocommerce, magento template, oscommerce template, healthcare template and email template.



Shopping Cart Software 



Graphic Design Jobs 

.25 - 1K /Month


Social Media Marketing Jobs 

10 /Form or Page

Data Entry

Data Entry Jobs 



Online Software  



The latest version of hypertext markup language is HTML5. HTML can design all kinds of front-end static web page. HTML also can design PSD template to html template, email template and front end product catalog. HTML helps PHP to develop dynamic page.


The server side hypertext preprocessor scripting language is PHP. It can develop secure all kinds of dynamic web page. It can develop admin panel, shopping cart software, back-end product catalog, back-end online treatment software. PHP is opensource scripting language.


The best open-source relational database management system is MySQL. MySQL helps PHP to develop various database management software like shopping cart software, online treatment software, inventory management software and hotel management software.


The best open source content management system is wordpress. This is a famous web tool. It can create any kinds of website, from small business to corporate website. Even it can create online store by using WooCommerce plugins.


Paypal is the best online payment system. It can serve online payments for indivisual and business purpouse. Paypal provide hosted checkout page. This page is the power of ecommerce business. Secure and trusted payment platform is paypal. We always use papal hosted checkout page.


Magento is a PHP shopping cart project that can develop secure e-commerce business for small storefront and large storefront business. This is the famous online store platform for its functionality and flexibility. It is also open-source project.


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Online Software Products

Online Shopping Soft

Business profit depends on sale. Every store owner expect big sale for big profit. There are two kinds of sale. One is local sale and other's online sale. This is a smart store or business. Customer can buy products via smartphone. Store owner can view purchase list. After payment verify, store owner send products to customer address. We develop 100% Responsive shopping cart software for mobile view. So that your customer can buy your products by mobile. No needs to install apps. After login, your customer will view his or her bill to verify payment.
Do you have a store?
Feel free to Post job order for Shopping Cart Software.


Online Selling Soft

Online Doctor Soft

Online Doctor Management Software

Online doctor Soft is a gift of new era. Patient prefer to get a digitl treatment service. Patient want to post his problems to online doctor by mobile phone to get online treatment. Online doctor make answer patient post and advice to make specific lab test. After making lab test, patient have to upload report image file to online doctor soft. Then doctor review patinet report and make prescription online. Hand writing prescription some time make panic to patient. So they need printed prescription. By using this soft, doctor can create prescription with typing. The Doctor have to type medicine name next dose and next course period. Thus the prescription is ready within 1 minute.
Are you a Doctor?
Feel free to Post job for doctor soft for your clinic or chamber.


Online School Management Software

Today is digital age. So, we find digital school wich is school management soft. Student want to visit this school soft to get all information via mobile phone. How many faculty? how many subject? What is admission requirement. How much admission fees? Download Class routine. Online class facility available or not. Faculty wise Teacher list. Student payment dues or received report. Student exam result report. Online admission available.
Do you have a school?
You need to convert your manual school to digital.Feel free to Post job order for your online school soft.


Online School Management Soft


Online Hotel Booking Software

Travel is the best recreation for human mind. The first thing that travel thirsty people want to do is hotel booking. So, online hotel booking is very popular. For this, online hotel booking software is popular also. It's main feature are room avaiblity checking, online reservation, easy online payment method, room gallery and facilities.
Do you have a hotel?
You need a online hotel reservation software. Feel free to Post a job order for your online hotel.


Drop a free job order to this Web Development Company

A website is that the final output of an internet style. the online website sits on an internet server wherever electronic files are keep. the online website presents the contents and interactive options or interfaces to the tip user within the kind of websites.
however the data requested is presented the user is par of the online style method. extra controls ar embedded so as to show additional complicated media like animations, sounds and different forms.
businesses and entrepreneurial ventures in our a part of the planet. Amidst all this progress, however, lies a stimulating reality. lots of those corporations still do not have an internet site to represent them. this is often rather unfortunate, considering we have a tendency to square measure actually key suppliers of technology connected services round the world.
A business that's not properly drawn on-line could be a business that nobody is aware of regarding. If an organization doesn't need to lose bit with its progressively fashionable audience, then it should know how to stay up with the days. which means making an internet site to determine the company's complete and sing to the planet its mission and vision.
Convinced that you simply want an internet site however undecided the way to start? Here could be a fast primer for you. The top 3 essential things to form an internet site are: web site Hosting Service, web site style, and name Registration. web site Hosting is essentially the pc wherever your web site lives in. The service supplier usually handles the storage and makes certain your web site is accessible all round the world. Hosting is sometimes paid on a monthly basis as a subscription. Website style is that the actual look of your web site in addition because the backend code that creates it look smart and performance properly. once selecting a service supplier, confirm their valuation is affordable and take care to review their previous works.
Domain Name is actually the name of your web site on the planet Wide internet. It's however your laptop finds your web site when you sort within the name on the browser. Domain Names square measure registered annually. ofttimes your web site style service supplier can register the domain for you. no matter wherever you acquire the domain, the supplier can have to modify the settings to form your web site work.
Another note regarding Domain Names, the. PH and the. COM. hydrogen ion concentration square measure special country TLDs that square measure ruled and controlled by accredited establishments within the country. If you're trying to use the higher than domain names you'll ought to get in grips with the native service suppliers.
However, having an internet site is merely the primary step. when you've got your internet hosting setup, your name registered, and your web site style delivered next is truly running it. For your convenience, this complete method are often done by your chosen web design Company.

Our development team are waiting to develop a website for your business. If you have a business, feel free to drop a job order to develop your business custom website.


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